About Timeless Rides

What does an avid classic auto fan who loves web design do with his spare time? You're looking at it. I've spent over 10 years now designing, testing, and redesigning my "Timeless" websites devoted to helping buyers and sellers in the classic auto market. I'm very proud to offer this COMPLETELY FREE website to collector vehicle sellers and buyers.

Here’s a quick historical rundown of my little project. I graduated with a degree in Information Management, and my first real job was with Hollander, helping manage their automotive parts interchange database. Layoffs happened a few years into the gig before the company was sold, and I found myself working at another software company, but it was not in the automotive industry.

I have always been fascinated with older cars, but due to many constraints in life such as family, travel, and storage I have not been able to have my own. So the little time I did have for myself, I used it on my hobby of web design, and created Timeless Rides. Over the years I have introduced free classifed ads, and when I do have time I blog on the historical aspect of cars.

For now this is my extent with classic cars, but I'm hoping soon to have my first "Timeless Ride".