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Winterizing your Classic Car

Cars and trucks are meant to be driven regularly, so when collector vehicles are stored away for the winter months, they are more susceptible to problems. Trapped moisture can lead to mold and mildew in the interior and rust out metal. The corrosive elements of the fluids sitting in your fuel, brake, engine, transmission, and cooling systems for months can also wreak havoc. Because your collector car is likely old, systems may be even more fragile than a conventional daily driven vehicle. This detailed article will guide you through the steps necessary to properly store your classic car through its winter hibernation.

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06/21/2016 - 22:05

Classic Car Covers

Buying a cover for your classic car is an important step in keeping your collector car safe when you are not driving it. Not all car covers are the same, and the environment of where the car will be stored will determine the type of cover you will need. Having the wrong type of cover can actually damage your car in storage, so you must be careful in choosing the right one.

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06/22/2016 - 14:49